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Golden Fuel Refill Pouch (Subscription Only)
Golden Fuel Refill Pouch (Subscription Only)
Golden Fuel Refill Pouch (Subscription Only)
Golden Fuel Refill Pouch (Subscription Only)

Golden Fuel Refill Pouch (Subscription Only)

Your Golden Rx is here!

We love that you love our Golden Fuel. So we wanted to make things more accessible, friendlier to the environment, and easier to stick to your anti-inflammatory ritual of loving your body.

We know our product isn't like buying a tin of mints. The production work + time (aka cost) it takes to create a high-quality product without fillers and anti-clumping agents added in isn't cheap for a small business! But we want to be helping as many people as possible with their health, so we thought about what we could do as we continue to grow. We've also gotten a lot of inquiries about larger sizes, and how to re-use the tins. So we decided to knock out 3 birdies with one stone!

Things your subscription will accomplish:

  • Efficiency + Ease
    • Your daily golden fix to support your body and fight inflammation, made easy so you never run out.
    • You know when you're too lazy to get your credit card out so you forget to order something you need? We've all been there, so we're saving you the hassle. Set it and forget it!
  • Love for our planet
    • You reuse your tins so they don't go to waste.
    • Minimal packaging for refill orders reduces waste and our impact on shipping waste.
  • Giving you 24k of pure goodness for less cost
    • Since we're saving money on tins, labor, packaging, and shipping, we pass those savings directly on to you- plus a little extra discount because we value your loyalty!

How it works

  • Price
    • This subscription model allows us to provide our same Golden Fuel for over 30% off and for half the shipping + handling cost: Each refill pouch, which is the same sized pouch that comes in the tin, is $20 + $2 for shipping and handling.
  • Frequency
    • Subscribers will receive just the pouch (the same one you get in the original tin) of our Golden Fuel at whatever frequency you choose-- so whether you're a household of 1 or 4,  you can set it to the frequency you want to take care of your needs.
  • How big is the pouch?
    • It is the same exact size of the pouch that comes inside our original tin of Golden Fuel:
      • There are ~24 tsp in each tin/pouch. We like to leave the strength of taste up to you, but try 1.5-2 tsp per 8-12 oz of liquid; so, roughly 12-16 servings per tin.
  • When do you get charged?
    • You will receive a notice when your next refill is about to be shipped and card is about to be auto-charged. 
  • Is there a minimum subscription length?
    • We have a minimum requirement of 3 refills once you're signed up.
    • You can always alter your frequency of refills-- so if you need to skip a month or move it up by 2 weeks, you can absolutely make it fit your needs.