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SOS: Turmeric Stains

That golden glow is so your food, not on your countertops or hands. 

After months of R&D, we've stained many a pillowcase (yes, we somehow got turmeric in our hair), our hands, our white marble countertops, and the list goes on. It's only natural that we've become pretty good at getting the notoriously difficult turmeric stains out of lots of different surfaces.

We wanted to share our tips + favorite products with you guys for those inevitable moments when you have an oops with your Golden Fuel.

1. Time is of the essence

Get to your spill ASAP. The longer turmeric sits somewhere, the more its oils permeate the surface.

2. Even though it's the color of the sun, turmeric doesn't like light.

Don't panic if you try every other trick in the book but there's still a golden hue somewhere where it shouldn't be. Turmeric is light sensitive (another reason why we protect our spices in a dark tin instead of clear glass or plastic!), so if you let things hang out in the sun for awhile, they will fade away. It might take even 2 weeks, but things will fade!

P.S. This is especially key for your blenders-- after many golden smoothies, things will look yellow but a little sunshine takes care of it.

3. Our kitchen's BFF

Barkeeper's Friend: for stainless steel (your sink!), porcelain, ceramic, tile, and copper. We went through 2 bottles alone during recipe testing!

4. For golden-kissed clothing + skin

A little natural dish soap goes a long way. For skin, scrub those hands warm soapy water with a little sugar or salt. For clothes, rinse out the turmeric with water first, then dab some dish soap onto clothing and massage in. Rinse, then set out in the sunshine for some fading action.