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General Q's

Where do you ship?

Right now we are only shipping domestically in the U.S. But make sure to sign up for our newsletter (form on our homepage) to be the first to know when it begins!

What is your return policy?

We want you to love your Golden Fuel, but if there are any issues, we definitely want to hear from you! Please contact us here and we will take care of you.

Where can I get all those cute golden mylk accessories in your photos?

Make sure you're signed up for our newsletter (signup at the bottom of our homepage) to be the first to hear when we make those available!


Our Product

How many servings does 1 tin of Golden Fuel™ have?

There are about 24 teaspoons in each tin (measured by weight, 1.5 oz).

Each person tends to have a different preference of strength of their golden fuel drinks, since turmeric is a bolder flavor that some people aren't used to-- especially if you're new to the golden club! 

We like to leave the strength up to you, but we say try 1.5-2 tsp per 8-12 oz of liquid, so roughly 12-16 servings per tin for most people on average.

How much should I be consuming per day to reap the benefits of turmeric and collagen?

As we like to say, consistency will always win, when it comes to results. We generally recommend 1.5-2 teaspoons of our Golden Fuel™ per day for 2-3 weeks to begin noticing the difference. And we know some people can get bored easily with their food, so it's awesome that our Golden Fuel™ is so versatile and can be added into so many things. Check out our blog and Instagram for recipe inspiration!

Can I drink it anytime of day?

Our Golden Fuel™ actually is the perfect nightcap. It has no caffeine, has healthy fats and cinnamon to help stabilize your blood sugar while sleeping, and hello, coziness before bed.

Some people's stomachs can be a bit more delicate in the morning. Turmeric can be harder on the stomach first thing in the morning, but our coconut milk powder helps balance it out. See what works best for you!

Aren't turmeric and collagen just another food trend? Will this actually work?

It's actually kind of funny that turmeric is now "trendy," considering this has been an ayurvedic food used for hundreds of years! While we can't promise you'll turn into Wonder Woman after one golden latte, we do think science has a lot to say about the powerhouse of these ingredients. Check out our Turmeric 101 for some nerdy facts-- the more you know!

How should I store my Golden Fuel™? 

Spices love dry, cool environments, so sitting in its pretty little tin on your kitchen countertop works great. We do not recommend refrigeration, as the collagen and coconut milk powder don't love the humidity and cold of your fridge.

What is the expiration date on Golden Fuel™?

The expiration date that is printed directly on the pouch inside the tin should be referenced.

Are you guys gluten-free? Dairy-free? Vegan? What are your certifications?

Golden Fuel™ is a naturally gluten-free and dairy-free product. It contains tree nuts (coconut), and is not vegan, as our collagen is sourced from grass-fed cattle. Our product is currently packaged in a facility that does process the common allergens. We are excited to evolve as we grow! 

Are turmeric + collagen safe for pregnant + breastfeeding women?

Both turmeric and collagen are GRAS (generally recognized as safe) ingredients by the FDA, but as always, please consult your doctor before starting any new foods or dietary regimens. We are not medical providers so we cannot legally advise you.