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About Us

24 karats = the purest form of gold.
So it was only fitting that we named our brand along those lines, because we created something pure with integrity and optimized in a way we couldn't find.
Live 24k represents the functional tools we are sharing to help others live purely and to the highest potential life has to offer- to live golden.

We help you help yourself.

Our Golden Fuel

Our signature Golden Fuel™ is a turmeric-collagen powder blend that is nutritionally optimized for its anti-inflammatory and ayurvedic healing benefits.

Note from our founder

As a formerly healthy 24 year old trainer and nutrition coach, I suddenly felt like a 90 year old one week. Extreme fatigue and joint pain that made it difficult to stand up to get a glass of water, an explosion of adult acne, and a gain + loss of 10lbs in one week: it felt like my body suddenly betrayed me. I desperately turned to ancient Ayurvedic golden mylk to try to manage my severe inflammation and pain. 

I was dismayed to discover that it was impossible to find a turmeric mix in stores that was nutritionally structured to do what it was functionally meant to do. Many a failed experiment and yellow kitchen stains later, I concocted the perfect powder blend that I could use to create everything from golden mylk lattes to golden smoothies, or adding a splash of golden nutrition to any basic foods like oatmeal. I combined it with gut-healing collagen, to amplify the benefits and turn this blend into a powerhouse recovery fuel. 

I was shocked at how my body responded with many of my symptoms becoming manageable in less than 3 weeks. It truly became my Golden Fuel, because it allowed me to get to a place where I was able to heal and get my life back.

I was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease affecting my thyroid that creates and stems from inflammation. After realizing nearly 26 million Americans suffer from autoimmune disease (85% of whom are women!) and that some of our biggest health issues like heart disease, neurological issues, and hormonal/immune issues stem from inflammation, I became determined to share my blend and create more ways to help people help themselves.

Helping people live their best lives has been my passion for years, and with Live 24k, it is my hope we can help that many more people feel better and live their golden lives. We are determined to do our part in changing the way health is managed, by giving you the information and power to help yourself. Because you deserve it.